How to Measure Bow Draw Length

Discover How to Measure Bow Draw Length – The Simple Steps.

  If you would like to know how to measure bow draw length, let’s learn that. You’re at the archery range, holding your equipment and getting everything set up. You’ve got your arrows, bow, sight, arm guard, quiver, belt, string wax, hex wrench, bow square, bow press… Wait. How long is the drawing length of this bow? Without measuring, it properly, you can’t shoot at your target. It’s hard enough to figure out how to measure without the right equipment. With the right equipment, it’s easy!

How to Measure Bow Draw Length

Measuring your bow draw length is actually pretty simple. So you do not have to approximate draw length because all you need is a measuring tape, string, and a bow.

Measure how long the string is from tip to bottom of your grip — usually just below where you place your arrow nock. That’s how long your draw length should be, but if it feels too short or too long, then go ahead and adjust accordingly until the fit is perfect for you.

Some bows are marked with a number indicating how long it is from top to bottom. If yours isn’t, then you can use a piece of string and measure that to determine the length.

Bow Adjustments

If your bow has available adjustments for your draw length, always adjust in small increments – less than an inch at a time — until you have just the right fit. Most bows are adjustable within a three-inch range.

Always be sure to mark your new draw length on the bow itself so you can remember how long it is from now on!

Tip: how to measure your bow draw length can also be done by measuring the inside of an already drawn hunting arrow, with its point touching the string on one end and you holding it at full draw in front of a mirror or someone else’s eye on the other end. Now that you know how to get measurements for measuring bow draw length, how to measure your own can be done at home.

Understanding how to size your compound hunting bow

You can size your bow by following these steps. Many factors go into the length of your bow, so this will help you get started in getting the right length of your bow.

Generally, the more draw weight that you have means that, the longer you can size your bow. For example, a 100-pound draw weight bow could be around 30 inches, while a 110-pound draw weight bow may need around 32 inches.

How do you find your bow draw length?

First, you should look at the limb of your bow to see what weight it is rated for. This will be important in determining how long your bow should be. If you have a 70lb draw weight bow, it will be around 28-32 inches in length for proper string alignment with the arrow. If you have a 40lb draw weight bow, it should be around 36-44 inches in length.

How do you measure draw length?

You will need a measuring tape, your bow, and an arrow.

Take the string of your bow, and measure from the bottom to the nock of the arrow. That is your draw length.

Calculating Draw Length

You can calculate your draw length if you have a bow scale and a mirror available to you. Using a mirror, make two marks on the string of your bow, making one mark just below where the arrow rest is and another just above it. Make sure that you use a marker for this step – you will need to see this mark through the rest of the steps.

Next, set up your bow scale and stand in front of it with your bow and an arrow. Make sure that you have a friend or something to hold the scale for you, as we will be holding the string in a particular way, and you will not be able to.

Once you have your arrow and string on the scale, look at where the arrow rests concerning your first mark. If the arrow rests above it, then you will need to extend the string of your bow by the difference between the two marks. If the arrow rests below your mark, then you will need to shorten the string of your bow by this difference.

Why is draw length important?

The draw length is important because it has to do with the way your limbs are designed. A bow that is too short won’t allow for proper string alignment with an arrow, and the limbs will be misaligned.

A bow that is too long can cause you to bend your arms at an awkward angle to compensate for the length of the bow. A too-short bow does not allow you to take full advantage of your bow’s performance.

What is the ATA standard draw length (actual draw length) for compound bows?

The ATA (American Tribal Archery, formerly known as the National Field Archery Association) recommends 22-28 inches for women, 26-32 inches for men.

Common how to measure bow draw length FAQs

Q. How do you find the correct draw length?

A. To find the correct draw length, you need to be in a standing position and hold your arm out. The bow should be able to reach and not pass over your ear once you draw it back.

Q. What is the average bow’s draw length?

A. The average bow’s draw length is 28 inches. Similarly, this should always be your starting point when comparing measurements.

Q. Are compound bow draw lengths adjustable?

A. Compound bows are adjustable draw lengths. This means that you can change how long the bow is on the fly by using a specific system on your bow.

Q. How long should my arrow be for a 30-inch draw?

A. Generally, your arrow should be no more than three inches above the grip. So, in this case, you would shoot an arrow that is 33-inches long.


If you’ve been wonderin’ how to measure the draw length of your bow, then this article is for you. With above this guide, you have learned how to check your bow’s draw weight, and what to do afterward

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