How to Adjust a Compound Bow Draw Length

The best way to adjust the drawing length of a compound bow. Find out here!

Compound bows are complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to get the perfect length for you. Using this simple method, you will be able to find the perfect length for your bow. The best way to adjust the drawing length of a compound bow. Find out here!

How to adjust a compound bow draw length

Your first action should be to measure the length of your draw.You can visit an archery shop or sporting goods store and have a professional do it for you, or you can purchase your own bow draw length measurement tool online or at any sporting goods store. if you are searching for a compound bow, then you should read this article about high buget compound bow.

When measuring your draw length, two measurements need to be taken: the anchor point and the bow arm length.

  • The anchor point

You will be applying your release at the anchor point on your face .To find it you can either imagine poking a small hole in the corner of your mouth or use a bow release aid. (a bow release aid is a small strap you put around your wrist with a trigger on the end that attaches to the bowstring when it is drawn).

  • The bow arm length

The bow arm length is the measurement from the back of your wrist to six inches in front of the point where you will be applying for your release. For right-handed shooters, this measurement should begin on the left side of your face. If you are a left-handed shooter, this measurement should begin on the right side of your face.

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How do you adjust the draw length?

Simple question, huh? Not so fast. There are things to consider when adjusting your draw length using the static equation.

Static equation: Draw length = 72 inches minus your height in inches divided by 4.5. However, the most accurate way to measure is from the bow arm with your back facing a wall and measuring from the ground up to your middle fingertip with a tape measure held vertically.

Watching this video for more help.

How an adjustable drawn length works:

The adjustable drawn length works well for people whose static equation is incorrect or who need to shoot at a slightly different draw length than the static equation.

Similarly, you do not need an adjustable bow if you can adjust your height and your wardrobe to match your bow’s measurements.

How to Measure your draw length and arrow length.

To find your draw length, sit in a chair with your back against a flat wall and your bare feet flat on the floor. Place an arrow across your lap with the nock on the string and the point touching the wall. Then, starting from a hanging position (with your arms, shoulders, and back muscles relaxed), raise the bow up so that your draw hand touches your cheek

At this point, you should have raised the bow as high as it can go without moving your feet, and you should be able to hold it here for several seconds. Try to reach your draw length in seconds, rounding off to the nearest 0.1 seconds.

What is the ideal draw length?

Your ideal draw length should be the measurement from the middle of your throat (where you aim) to the nock of your arrow. This is when your arm is hanging naturally at your side.

If you are less than 5 feet tall, you should subtract 4″ from your regular draw length. For example, if you are 5′ 4″ tall and want to be at 29″ draw length, you will need to set at 25″ draw length.

How do I choose the right draw length?

It’s ideal to measure your draw length by simply shooting the bow and getting a feel for it – if not, follow the guidelines below.

Bow length is the best indicator of bow draw length. So if you know your bow’s exact physical dimensions, you can simply subtract 10,” and you’ll have a fairly accurate draw length.

Dialing in your draw length

Dialing in the draw length on the first shot is paramount when you shoot a recurve bow.  Also, it is one of the most common reasons for missed shots in recurve matches .The arrow’s location in the bow window, the position of your hand on the string, and your hold are all affected by how long you draw.

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How to adjust a compound bow draw length FAQs

How do I adjust the draw on my compound bow’s draw length?

To adjust the draw of your compound bow’s length, you have first to decide what your perfect draw length is. You should measure the distance from the ground to the top of your nose and subtract two inches for your ideal draw length.

Can you adjust the draw lengths without a bow press?

Yes, you can adjust the draw lengths without a bow press, but you will need the following items:

  • Some string nocks (for your other bow)
  • An exact knife or scissors
  • Superglue (or any other adhesive that’s strong enough to hold the string in place)
  • A block or saw bench to work on
  • String wax (for your bowstring)

How do you determine your draw length for a compound bow?

To determine the draw length of a compound bow, you must first understand what draw length is and why it’s important to know yours. Moreover, to choose your draw length, measure the distance from the side of your mouth to the inside of your elbow.

How do you adjust the draw length on a vintage compound bow?

To adjust a compound bow’s draw length, you’ll have to know its components. You should be able to identify the cams, cables, and then the limbs. Similarly, how you adjust varies depending on how many cams are on each limb.

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Here’s the guideline that can help you determine what draw length works for your body type, shooting accuracy, and style. We hope it has been helpful to have some insight into how important proper bow set up is, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

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