Barnett Raptor Pro Str Review

Barnett Raptor Pro Str Review: Is It The Best Hunting Bow?

My father never treated me as a typical daughter. He raised me as a person who would have knowledge about everything. That is the reason why I accompany him while hunting.

I used to go with my dad hunting from a very young age, and he taught me in-depth knowledge about hunting. It would be best to have different weapons such as pocket knives, camouflaged clothing, scent-free boots, etc. But the must-have thing is a crossbow.

Do you love hunting? But afraid of going due to lack of a proper crossbow? Well, let me help you with this. In this article, you will get a detail of Barnett raptor pro str review, one of the best crossbows.

Barnett Archery Raptor Pro str Crossbow

Barnett Archery Raptor Pro str Crossbow

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In this brief review, you will get to know the specifications, some great features, and an overall impression about Barnett archery raptor pro str. There are some Barnett raptor pro str specifications. The weight is 6.9 pounds, and the dimensions are 33.1 x 13.1 x 7.3 inches (Length x Width x Height). The distance from axel to axel is 17.75 inches.

Barnett Raptor pro str is one of the speediest shooters in the market. The speed limit is 400fps with 135 feet pound kinetic energy, and it has enough power to kill the target immediately. It has a fiberglass step-through riser, which reduces the weight. It is more durable and cheaper than any other crossbow.

You will know some best features in this Barnett raptor pro str review. The unique design has a lot of weight, space, and it extends the stroke power, which helps to shoot faster.

The raptor pro str comes with a cocking device, and it lightens the shooting process. The lightweight design helps to prevent weight shifting. Also, it allows more stability and is very easy to control.

Every crossbow has its safety aspect. But, the Barnett raptor pro str is very safe to use for new users. When you are using a crossbow, there will always be sounds and vibrations. But this crossbow reduces the noise.

It receives plenty of praise from the hunters and even shooters. Many have rated with top stars after using them. Despite having some flaws, it is still in the top position of all crossbows.


  • Barnett Archery raptor pro str is comparatively cheaper than other crossbows.
  • User friendly and very safe to use.
  • It has zero-creep triggers.
  • It is very powerful and can speed up to 400fps.
  • Anyone can customize as per their preferences.
  • It has a sound-proof operation.


  • The length is quite tall.
  • Though it is lightweight, it can feel heavier after some time for some people.

The ultimate buying guide

You can find any crossbows in the local store. But it is pretty challenging to purchase the right one. You have nothing to worry about because I will help you with the ultimate buying guide for the best crossbow.

Length and Weight

The distance between each axel of the compound bow is the axel length. It can be long, short, or mid-range, and the longer length will give you more accuracy.

You have to choose a lightweight crossbow. If it is too heavy, it will not be easy to control. You have to choose a crossbow which is comfortable for moving around.

Stroke power

The length between the string of the crossbow and the resting point is the stroke power. If you want your arrow to fly faster, you must choose a bow with more extended stroke power.

Speed and kinetic energy

The most critical factor is speed rate. Any crossbow with 380fps or above has a fast speed rate, increasing the stroke power.

You might have to use crossbows with high kinetic energy for a large target, and the opposite is applicable for smaller targets.

Cocking devices

There are different kinds of cocking devices. At first, you have to determine the drawback weight you are comfortable with. Consider the draw weight before buying a crossbow. Archer is used to lightening the load.

Additional parts

You have to choose additional accessories carefully. There are different additional parts of a crossbow, and bow case, bolts, quiver, arrows, etc., are some of Barnett crossbow parts.

There are three types of bow cases; hard case, soft case, and hybrid case. Though hybrid cases are the newest addition, hard cases are more durable and give maximum protection, and bolts should be of accurate weight.


You have to consider bolts, quality broadheads for accurate shooting before buying a crossbow. If you are a beginner, choose a crossbow that is capable of shooting 30 to 35 yards. For professionals, you can go for the 60–80-yard range.

Minimum noise

Crossbows are usually louder, and you do not want to let the target know during hunting. For that, you will need a crossbow which will produce minimal noise.

When you are using a crossbow, they will vibrate. So, you have to look for a vibration dampener and suppressor system to cancel out the noise.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How fast is the Barnett raptor pro?

A. It has a 400fps speed. This speed limit is very high for shooting any arrow.

Q. Which Barnett crossbow is best?

A. Barnett Raptor pro str is in the top for any crossbow.

Q. What arrow size is best for Barnett raptor pro str?

A. Usually, 22-inch-long crossbow arrows work well with the Barnett raptor pro str.

Q. Is Barnett raptor pro str compact enough?

A. It is relatively more extensive than any other crossbow. But the step-through riser is smaller enough to make it work more quickly.

Q. Are Barnett crossbows made in the USA?

A. The mainline crossbows are made in the USA, and it is the leading name in the crossbow world.

Q. Is Barnett Raptor pro str the best hunting tool?

A. It is probably the best hunting tool ever. It may not handle the big hunting, but it will support the most hunting needs.

Q. Are crossbows suitable for home defense purposes?

A. It is becoming a popular choice of weapon for home defense purposes, and it can be an excellent option if it is correctly used.

Summary Of Barnett Raptor Pro Str Review

Hunting is not easy, but you can be comfortable if you have the right crossbow. The Barnett Archery raptor pro is the best Barnett crossbow, and it has high speed, can shoot long-range.

Also, it has safety measures that make it more user-friendly. This crossbow is powerful enough to hunt big animals. It is accurate and lightweight.

Besides all, it offers a very nice price. You do not need to waste your money somewhere else when you can find such a budget-friendly crossbow.

Still in doubt? I don’t think so. Especially after reading the Barnett raptor pro str review, you should have no doubt.

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