Barnett Assault 350 Reviews

Barnett Assault 350 Reviews

Hunting with guns is too mainstream nowadays. Plus, the amount of sound that it produces creates distress to the people living around the forest. So, the solution is a crossbow.

Does the name Barnett sound familiar? Yes, it all started in 1962 where a man came to England. Later, he intended to harvest an outstanding reputation in the world of craftsmanship. And the man succeeded, which let him expand his business to the USA.

Barnett crossbows are best for their ease of use, durability, speed, and accuracy on the target. Before spending a good amount of money, you should have some research about their products. Among many of them, one is selected for your best interest.

Therefore, without any further ado, here goes Barnett Assault 350 reviews.

Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow Reviews

Barnett Assault 350 Crossbow Reviews

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Our goal is to save most of your time, and who does not like to end up with the best product at a very reasonable price. This Barnett Assault has impressed most of the users, and with 350 dollars worth of money, you can show off while hunting your way out.

The amazing features include the anti-dry fire and the smooth operation that converts every shot into a successful one. With the weight being only 2.5 pounds, you can carry it with you at every place and can feel like hunting whenever you want.

Rather than replacing your crossbow after every year, Barnett crossbow’s blend construction will retain its longevity for a long time. Furthermore, the design shape surely gives a flawless build.

The arrow path maintains a smooth, frictionless path which will output quiet shooting with maximum accuracy of the shot. The amount of stability that it provides, shooting an arrow with 350 fps speed will be a piece of work for the user.

The package includes a 4x32mm Multi-Reticle Vision, a Light Quiver, a Rope Cocking Device, and Lube Wax, and the dimension is ‎33.4 x 14 x 7.6 inches. These Barnett products will also offer you a one-year warranty. In some rare cases, if you have any doubt, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

In final words, for those who are thinking of spending their hard-earned money wisely. This complete blend pack crossbow will not disappoint you at all.


  • Durable construction increases the lifespan
  • Lightweight model
  • Most economical model
  • Reasonable kinetic energy and the shooting speed
  • Stylish Design


  • It comes in one colour only
  • More interaction with should be developed

Buying Guide

It is relatively easy to look for articles about the best crossbows on the internet. But knowing the parameters on which the word ‘best’ relies is another level of research. You will find many crossbows roaming but fitting the right one according to your needs is the most difficult task.

Do you know how to buy a crossbow? Concentrate on the upcoming paragraphs; you will need it!

Axel Length

It is the length measured between the two axels in a crossbow. A bow has all ranges of axel-to-axel size starting from short, mid and long. The crossbows which have greater ATA length will result in a smoother draw circle and hence greater accuracy.

For the Barnett crossbow, the ATA length is given by 16.125 inches which is much greater and will result in accurate shootings.


It is known as the length between the string and its stationary place after the arrow has left the bow. For a greater power stroke, you need to have a greater length defined before.

Fortunately, our Barnett Assault provides a power stroke length of 12.5 inches. So, take your pick!


Considering the fact of aerodynamics and the outlook, a crossbow can have long, short, normal, curved, or reversed limbs. A crossbow’s draw speed, damage, and arrow speed solely depend on the type of limbs. So, make sure to choose your design carefully.

The Barnett 350 uses the curved limbs to power its way through, and I’m sure 350 fps of speed will say how the limb design turned out.


Every shooter has its threshold when it comes to dealing with external weight. Heavy crossbows, as the general idea goes, are very hard to control.

On the other hand, a light crossbow has too much recoil, which can even damage your face or eyes. Make sure to know your elbow control before choosing your most suitable one.


Almost all the crossbows under reasonable price range fall under the speed category between 300-380 fps. Among this domain, a typical crossbow is considered fast enough.

Lucky for you, our proposed model falls under the speed of 350 fps. What more do you want?


It is a good thing to consider. Crossbows differ in the way they are manufactured. They end in numerous designs starting from recurve, reverse draw, to compound.

The structure hampers their speed, precision, accuracy, and ease of use. Choose a design that is most suited to your demand and handling capability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average lifespan of a good-quality crossbow?

A. A crossbow, if handled and maintained regularly, can provide service to all your needs for a minimum of 15 years.

Q. Does the crossbow’s power deteriorate gradually?

A. The power of a crossbow is dependent on the length the arrow is attached to the string. If that length is not maintained smoothly from time to time, the increased friction will gradually decrease the power.

Q. How much do Barnett’s crossbows worth?

A. The answer mainly depends on the features that they will provide. Barnett’s crossbows range in the price between $100 and ending to $1200. It all comes down to your level of preference and the requirements you wish to fulfil.

Q. How far does a Barnett crossbow’s arrow reach?

A. The projection length of a crossbow is directly proportional to the arrow speed. From Barnett Assault 350 reviews, its arrow speed is 350 fps, and thus the projection length outcomes to 90 feet.

Q. How long can a Barnett crossbow stay cocked?

A. The answer to this question will be never to leave any crossbow cocked for a long time because it weakens the limbs and reduces the arrow speed.

Q. Where do the construction of Barnett crossbows take place?

A. The main factory is currently situated in Florida where the construction of different parts of the crossbow takes place.


Barnett has surely had an impact on the world of craftsmanship. His designs of crossbows have fulfilled the requirements of many shooters according to their specific applications.

You have only one job to do, choose your Barnett crossbow carefully and wisely because no one wants to have any future regrets.

Grab your keys to the car and start the engine already. If any shopkeeper suggests to you some other model, you know what to do.

That’s right! Because you have read Barnett Assault 350 reviews.

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